Sights & Experiences

There is so much to see and experience, so here is just a few recommendations.

Restaurant & Resort


Built on the top of a high mountain, rests the Jungle Club. Thankfully these days the road has been pawed, but this doesn’t mean the place isn’t worth seeing, because it definitely is! Bar that offers Food and Drinks, a swimming pool and some bungalows for you to rent. And the view is heavenly!

Restaurant: +66 81 894 23 27
Resort: +66 81 891 82 63

National Marine Park


Ang Thong is a National Park that consist of over 40 smaller island. You can access Ang Thong with boat and diving trips that are arranged from Koh Samui. Islands with extraordinary rain forests and unpopulated beaches is a unforgettable experience for people who appreciate nature.

The most popular attraction on Koh Samui


Big Buddha is a 12 meter long Buddha Statue, which sits on a place of honor accessed with a long set of stairs. Golden Buddha Statue was constructed in 1972, and is definitely worth visiting and photographings. The best time to see Buddha is during the sun set.

Remember to respect the rules of sacred temple areas. Cover your shoulders, knees and ankles.


Located just by the Big Buddha is Wat Play Laem Buddha temple area, you will not miss the huge statues that dominate the area.

3D Art Gallery


Art Samui gives visitors an experience that offers the best of arts as well as a glimpse into art pieces that have redefined the art scene in Thailand.

The art museum thrives on a type of art called Trick Art. Just as the name suggests, this form of art tricks the human brain into believing that the picture presented is in 3D. This art incorporates the use of special painting skills that create an optical illusion.

The art museum in Koh Samui is a delightful place to visit for an easy weekend. There are as many as 65 points of optical illusion, coupled with half a dozen object art points. This excellent work is credited to eclectic professional artists who worked tirelessly for 8 months to bring to fruition the amazing masterpieces on display at the art museum.

One in a lifetime a world-class sailing experience


The Red Baron is a new traditional 98-foot Sailing Junk Yacht and the harbor is located in “Fishermans Village” in Bophut. Yacht has been built by the famous Ship Yard Pernor in Suratthani and made from Takien Tong. It’s the biggest Sailing Yacht around Samui and the gulf.

Yacht the capacity to 40 to serve passenger’s convenience and maximum comfort (max 100 passenger’s). The ship has international safety and technical standards.

  • COCKPIT: Sun Deck with 10 sun beds with cocktail tables, massage beds, towels. The huge sails provide sufficient shadow if wanted.
  • MAIN DECK: Buffet Bar to chill out and enjoy your foods. Open Air Dining Area with massive wooden table for 16 person, and side benches with upolster, additional comfort for about 10 passengers.
  • RED BARON LOUNGE: Open Air Lounge, covered spaces for up to 8 passengers. Here we will offer you a quality Cigars, Cognacs, Whiskys, Vodkas and Wines.
  • FISHING DECK: 3 fishing seats with equipments and 2 outside showers.
  • BELOW DECK: KThe front is prepared to build 4 luxurious double suites. 2 house style toilets and a shower room.

1. The Romantic Sunset Dinner Cruise.
2. Koh Phangan Brunch Cruise.
3. Koh Samui Day Cruise.
4. Private Charters.